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Rioja’n’Roll in La Manga

So The Currymen are back in a part of Spain that will be forever Essex. Actually its far better than i’d been led to believe. 2 games played yesterday, 2 games heavily lost. More importantly the fragrant Nicole fell asleep at 5am this morning with her head in the lavatory bowl. George Lamb and i are co-butlerring Jonty; the gnarled Warringtonion provides kitchen service whilst I entertain the Walrus in the bedroom. George proudly states that he knows what a clitoris is – despite being Northern – whereas Rob concludes that George probably thinks its Spanish for “grouting”. Last night we were regaled with cricketing tales by Indian / Lancashire legend Farokh (“The Original Beast”) Engineer. Apparently rooming with Clive Lloyd gave him a penile dimmension complex that haunts him to this day. I feel the same way about Saint. So now we prepare to meet Dutch Champions Den Hague, with their 5 internationals. Given that we intend to let them bat first we expoect it to be more 20/10 than 20/20 in format. The Captain has done a steriling job pre-arranging (fixing) a good match with them at their rooms as dawn broke this morning. As i type i hear Jonty opining “Lovely day for a massacre Stocko. Onward and downwards, pip pip, Martino xx

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  1. cobra said

    As a stay behind, following the AGM-approved VCC fixture list by turning out v Barnes at the weekend, I would pose the following question: Who are the Real VCC? The glory-seeking La Manga GATTING REBEL XI, who chose to ride roughshod over pre-determined match dates, or the so-called ‘2nd’s’ who fulfilled the club’s long-standing obligations in the UK?
    Saint / Cobra

  2. Tigger said

    I couldn’t agree more Cobra, to all VCC rebels – England needs you :-) , and if its a 20/20 showdown we are seeking in sunnier shores, lets have a best of three 1st XI v’s 2nd XI showdown of the VCC!

    How were the other results in La Manga?